General Plumbing

Do you have a dripping tap, WC not flushing or a drip from your overflow?  Pamber Plumbers would be delighted to solve any plumbing issue no matter how small


Unvented/ "Megaflow" Hot Water Cylinders

Pamber Plumbers undergo rigorous training every five years so that we can safely install and maintain pressurised hot water cylinders.  So if you have any issues with one of these types of systems please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Central Heating Controls

With the cost of fuel and climate considerations at the forefront of peoples minds, Pamber Plumbers can upgrade your legacy heating system to maximise its efficiency and reduce running costs, from "smart" thermostats, such as Nest, Thermostatic Rad valves, to replumbing gravity circulation loops we can advise you on the most cost effective solution.  From single zone systems to systems with six or more zones we have come across most scenarios 


Power Flushing

To increase the efficiency and reduce costs, if you have some rads not getting hot or your boiler keeps overheating and "ketteling" then using best power flush equipment by Kamco we can restore your system to its peak performance.


Water Softeners

Explore the benefits of softened water: Keep your appliances running and lasting longer, reduce the amount spent on detergents and shampoos whilst also being soft on skin and hair.