Mains Gas


With today’s focus on Energy Efficiency please contact Pamber Plumbers to discuss how to
make your existing heating system more efficient.  It might just be that the boiler needs a
service, or one of the measures listed below might be required, to not only reduce your carbon emissions but also reduce your energy bills:

  • Condensing Boiler (30% saving)
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Room Thermostats
  • Fully Pumped systems
  • Hot Water Cylinder Stats
  • Power Flushing
  • Balancing Radiators

Which Boiler is Ideal for me?

Fully trained and Certified under the stringent Gas Safe Register, Pamber Plumbers supply and fit High Efficiency gas boilers covering every customer need whether they live in a small 1 bedroom flat or a big 6 bedroom house.

  • You want to use your loft space for a room conversion or other purposes – You need a Combi Boiler.
  • Your home is a small flat or bungalow -  You need a Combi Boiler.
  • Your have a large home with more than 2 bathrooms – You need a Heat Only, System or System Storage.
  • Your mains water pressure is low - You need a Heat Only or System Boiler.
  • You want to replace an old boiler to improve an existing ‘Gravity-fed’ central heating system - You need a Heat Only Boiler.
  • A large demand for water in your household  - You need a System Storage Boiler.
  • You do not have a loft and are looking to replace your existing boiler – A Combi Boiler might be your best option.
  • You would like a floor-standing boiler to replace an existing floor standing boiler in an existing 'Gravity-fed' central heating system – look for a Heat Only boiler.
  • You have a combination boiler system looking to replace your current boiler – Update it with a High Efficiceny Combi Boiler.
  • You are looking for a system storage boiler – Update it with a High Efficiceny system storage boiler.
  • I have a 6 bedroom house - looking for a powerful boiler for central heating and hot water – Use a 36Kw heat Only boiler.
  • I am concerned about carbon footprint and want to have a high efficiency boiler – Install a Heat Only or System boiler and change the pipework configuration to a fully pumped sealed system.
  • I would like a small boiler to fit in my kitchen cupboard – Choose from Heat Only, System or Combi.

Landlord Safety Certificate


As an Gas Safe registered company we are able to provide Landlord's safety certificates at a reduced rate in conjunction with a boiler service

Get a free central heating survey:

To ensure that your central heating systems meets your needs with the highest efficiency call Pamber Plumbers to arrange a free heating survey.  Contact us via or call the office on 01256 88 99 77.